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Collecting banknotes is my passion. I search far and wide to buy rare notes and I sell at the right price to continue building my collection. If you have any banknote for sale feel free to contact me.

I also enjoy researching different topics related to banknotes, you may have heard of my latest book "The Encyclopedia of Libyan Banknotes". My next book covers replacement notes worldwide, I would appreciate it if you share with me any relevant information related to this topic. I'm always on the run attending major trade shows, please feel free to send me any thoughts, ideas or feedback related to the site. Wishing you a pleasant visit.

Ali Mehilba Founder

Below is a sample of some of the banknotes listed here.

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Algeria 5 Francs x2 notes 1941 NR P77b F and VF

USD 9.90 Buy Using Paypal
Rhodesia $10 1979 Replacement Star prefix Z/1

USD 65.00 Buy Using Paypal
Barbados ND 1973 $1 Replacement ( Star note)

USD 24.99 Buy Using Paypal
Algeria 50 centimes 1944 UNC P97

USD 39.99 Buy Using Paypal
Zaire 5 Millions Zaires 1992 Rare Specimen

Congo, the Democratic Republic of the (Zaire)
USD 295.00 Buy Using Paypal
Bolivia 100.000 Pesos Replacement 1984(Star note)

USD 59.00 Buy Using Paypal

Collector's Corner

This area has some helpful content for banknote collectors, covering a range of areas:

Storing - Packaging - Appraisal - Grading


Mehilba World Replacement MWR

 A reference guide for banknote collectors interested in replacement notes. In an elegant four-color, 592 pages publication, the book covers over 300 countries. The book is a handy guide that includes detailed information on replacement notes, a new coding for replacement, a price guide and a relevant reference for each country.




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